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16 ช่อง Servo Motor ควบคุมผ่าน I2C

16 ช่อง Servo Motor ควบคุมผ่าน I2C
16 ช่อง Servo Motor ควบคุมผ่าน I2C thumbnail 116 ช่อง Servo Motor ควบคุมผ่าน I2C thumbnail 2
หมวดหมู่ Arduino Board & โมดูลต่างๆ
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16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo shield I2C interface PCA9685

โมดูลขับ Servo 16 ช่อง 12 bit แบบ PWM Servo ติดต่อแบบอินเตอรืเฟส I2C ใช้ IC Driver เบอร์ PCA9685 ในการควบคุม Servo 16 ตัว สามารถต่อโมดูลนี้หลายตัวกันโดยกำหนด address ของ I2C ให้ต่างกัน ก็จะสามารถควบคุม servo ได้มากขึ้น เช่น ถ้าต่อโมดูลเดียวควบคุมได้ 16 ตัว แต่ถ้าต่อ 2 โมดูล ก็สามารถควบคุมได้ 32 ตัว โดยใช้สายไฟเพียง 2 เส้น


ข้อมูล 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo shield I2C interface PCA9685

You want to make a cool robot, maybe a hexapod walker, or maybe just a piece of art with a lot of moving parts. Or maybe you want to drive a lot of LEDs with precise PWM output. Then you realize that your microcontroller has a limited number of PWM outputs! What now? You could give up OR you could just get this handy PWM and Servo driver breakout.

When we saw this chip, we quickly realized what an excellent add-on this would be. Using only two pins, control 16 free-running PWM outputs! You can even chain up 62 breakouts to control up to 992 PWM outputs (which we would really like to see since it would be glorious)


  • It's an i2c-controlled PWM driver with a built in clock. That means that, unlike the TLC5940 family, you do not need to continuously send it signal tying up your microcontroller, its completely free running!
  • It is 5V compliant, which means you can control it from a 3.3V microcontroller and still safely drive up to 6V outputs (this is good for when you want to control white or blue LEDs with 3.4+ forward voltages)
  • 6 address select pins so you can wire up to 62 of these on a single i2c bus, a total of 992 outputs - that's a lot of servos or LEDs
  • Adjustable frequency PWM up to about 1.6 KHz
  • 12-bit resolution for each output - for servos, that means about 4us resolution at 60Hz update rate
  • Configurable push-pull or open-drain output
  • Output enable pin to quickly disable all the outputs


We wrapped up this lovely chip into a breakout board with a couple nice extras


  • Terminal block for power input (or you can use the 0.1" breakouts on the side)
  • Reverse polarity protection on the terminal block input
  • Green power-good LED
  • 3 pin connectors in groups of 4 so you can plug in 16 servos at once (Servo plugs are slightly wider than 0.1" so you can only stack 4 next to each other on 0.1" header
  • "Chain-able" design
  • A spot to place a big capacitor on the V+ line (in case you need it)
  • 220 ohm series resistors on all the output lines to protect them, and to make driving LEDs trivial
  • Solder jumpers for the 6 address select pins

This product comes with a fully tested and assembled breakout as well as 4 pieces of 3x4 male straight header (for servo/LED plugs), a 2-pin terminal block (for power) and a piece of 6-pin 0.1" header (to plug into a breadboard). A little light soldering will be required to assemble and customize the board by attaching the desired headers but it is a 15 minute task that even a beginner can do.


  • Dimensions (no headers or terminal block) 2.5" x 1" x 0.1" (62.5mm x 25.4mm x 3mm)
  • Weight (no headers or terminal block): 5.5grams
  • Weight (with 3x4 headers & terminal block): 9grams
  • This board/chip uses I2C 7-bit address between 0x60-0x80, selectable with jumpers

ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม 16-Channel 12-bit PWM Servo shield I2C interface PCA9685

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